In every world
there are floating images,
vagabond icons
whose destiny is to float adrift,
figures disquieting to fixed beings
and to everything tied-down.

But there are also worlds
made only of images,
without anchorage or ports,
entirely nomadic,
rootless glimmerings,
fleeting flashes.

Every image tends to stretch out spontaneously,
discard its source
and stand on its own.
And those worlds of floating images
also try to do without the others
in search of a freer space.

Because beyond the weight of bodies,
only images are free.
Therefore man ought
to turn into image.
Or let his image drift freely
and learn to exist with no image.

Roberto Juarroz
Translated from Spanish by Mary Crow

Roman Holiday   charcoal, graphite/paper, 38”x50"

Roman Holiday

Photo: Pete Macchia